Tryout Information

2021-22 Season Tryouts (U11, U13, U15) 


Registration is now open for tryouts for our competitive teams (link can be found below).  There is a fee associated with trying out for a competitive team ($120). 


Those players that do not take part in tryouts will be provided with ice (warm-up sessions) at no cost prior to the balancing of our recreational teams. 

Players that take part in the tryout process but do not make a competitive team, will not go through the balancing process again, as they would have been evaluated during tryouts. 


Schedules and dates will be posted at a later time but all groups will have their first tryout session on Saturday, September 18th.  All sessions will take place at the Qplex.  Tryouts for U18 will take place at a later time (after high school tryouts are near completion). 


Please Note:  We do not know how many competitive teams will be formed at each division level.  This is determined after the tryout process is completed. 


Players WILL NOT be allowed on the ice until tryout fees are paid.  Payments can be made on TeamSnap during the registration process or through EMT to with password "hockey". 

Preparing your player for tryouts: 

  1. Remove all identifying stickers and logos from helmets. Wear hockey socks that are free from logos. 
  2. Make sure your player checks their gear bag and has all the equipment they need. 
  3. Long hair should be tied back. 
  4. YOU MUST HAVE A NECK GUARD and wear it. 
  5. Arrive with plenty of time for your player to sign in, get their tryout jersey and get ready. 
  6. The competitive handbook is on our website to review if you wish ( 
  7. There is a NO SPECTATOR POLICY during the tryout process.  Please read below. 


Try-Out Policy – No Spectators 


Spectators of players participating in the try-out process for U11 and older must comply with the 

following principles regarding application of the KVMHA Guidelines: 

1) A spectator is defined as a parent, a relative, friend, teammate, athlete from opposing 

team, administrator or coach not directly involved in the game. 

2) Other than evaluators and approved KVMHA volunteers, there are to be no spectators 

within the arena while players are on the ice. 

3) Only the President, Vice-President or Director of Competitive Hockey can make an 

exception to the above stated guideline. 



Any spectator choosing to violate any of the above rules and/or creating a disturbance, will 

be asked by a KVMHA Board Member, District Coordinator or chosen designate to leave the 

premises immediately. Failure to abide by this directive will result in the following: 

1) First offense – the player who is associated with the spectator violating the ‘no- spectator’ 

rule, will not be evaluated for that particular try-out. 

2) Second offense – the player who is associated with the spectator violating the ‘no spectator’ 

rule will be removed from the try-out process and will not be allowed to 

participate with a competitive team at any Division for that current season.