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KVMHA Coach Application

Coaches and assistant coaches are needed for all levels. Applications are now being accepted....send in application

Coaches, assistant coaches and on ice help have training courses they need to complete.

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September 26, 2023:

Here are the Coach Links.

HU Online Coach 1/ Coach 2 (mandatory pre-req before attending in person clinic).

Coach 1

Coach 2



Update as of September 2023

The HNB Video Review Policy and Fair Play Policy that were approved by Minor Council have been posted to the HNB website:

Video Review Policy (eng)

Video Review Policy (fr)

Fair Play Policy (eng)

Fair Play Policy (fr)


Answers to some commonly asked questions:

1) Coaches clinics

The topics of coaches clinics and requirements come up every year. The following is what is required to be a coach in KVMHA:

Coach certification deadline is: December 15th, 2022

All coaches, managers, and volunteers require Respect in Sport (online course) or Speak Out!

All coaches, managers, and volunteers over the age of 18 require a criminal record check and vulnerable sector check.

Any new minor hockey player will need to have one (1) parent complete the online Respect in Sport Parent Program. The link to this course can be found at

Each team must have a Hockey Canada Safety Person. The link to the online HCSP course can be accessed at

All volunteers under the age of 16, as of December 31st, 2022, who are currently registered on a minor hockey or high school hockey team do not require any coach certifications. These volunteers must wear a helmet with full face shield when volunteering with minor hockey teams.

A complete list of Coach requirements can be found at:

For the purposes of KVMHA teams, head coaches and assistant coaches require:

U7 and U9

  • HU Online Coach 1/ Coach 2
  • Coach 1: Intro to Coach
  • Respect in Sport- Activity Leader
  • Criminal Record/ Vulnerable Sector Check


  • Hockey University Online Coach 1/ Coach 2
  • Coach 2
  • Respect in Sport Activity Leader
  • Criminal Record/ Vulnerable Sector Check

On ice helpers require:

  • Respect in Sport- Activity Leader
  • Criminal Record/ Vulnerable Sector Check

Managers require:

  • Respect in Sport- Activity Leader
  • Criminal Record/ Vulnerable Sector Check

Team Safety person:

  • One person on each roster must have the Hockey University Online Safety Course ( ) This course is valid for 5 years.
  • Respect in Sport- Activity Leader
  • Criminal Record/ Vulnerable Sector Check
  • NOTE: This can also be a coach or official already registered with the team but in a dual role.


2) Coach Clinic Dates:

- The online University course for coaches is available online now. This must be complete prior to any in person course.

- The next available in person course is in Sussex on November 13th. Coach 1 will be at 12pm and Coach 2 will be at 2pm. I suggest you sign up for both and get them out of the way now. If you have missed Coach 2 in the past, you can sign up separately for that one.

HCR 3.0 - Hockey Canada Registry is where you can register for these courses.

3) Officials and our Zero Tolerance Policy for disrespect or abuse of officials

KVMHA has always held a high standard for both our coaches and our officials. There should be a mutual respect between our coaching staff and any on ice or off ice officials. We need to remember that we are representing our association and that our actions will reflect on the children and parents who you represent.

There is a zero tolerance policy within Hockey Canada for any abuse or disrespect (physical or verbal) directed toward an official. The majority of these officials are young individuals looking to further their skills and knowledge of the game and have dedicated their time and effort to oversee your games. Without officials, there would be no games. With that said, any coaches or team officials who are reported (officially or unofficially) to KVMHA for abusing an official (referee, lines person or clock attendant) will be dealt with accordingly. If reported by the referee this will include a misconduct or gross misconduct penalty which will be investigated by KVMHA. This offence can be for both home and away games and will warrant the same action. Any incidents reported unofficially to KVMHA will also be investigated and could incur the same suspensions.

If the behavior persists, coaches or team officials will be removed from the roster.

Please note that this standard and mutual respect also pertains to officials, whereas if coaches feel they have been disrespected in any manner they are encouraged to contact myself or the referee in chief Mike Hellingwerf.

4) Respect in Sport Parent course

This course is required by at least one parents or guardian of any registered minor hockey player registered in KVMHA. This will need to be completed by Dec 1st or the player will not be permitted on the ice. This could include any new players or players transferring from other associations so please check with your team.