KVMHA Complaint Intake Process

The following outlines the process to be followed for the KVMHA membership (parents, players, coaches, etc.) regarding maltreatment, sexual violence, harassment, abuse, or discrimination. KVMHA members are to use the reporting mechanism known as the Independent Third Party (ITP). To learn more about the process, visit the KVMHA website at  Kennebecasis Valley Minor Hockey – Let's play hockey (kvmha.ca) and click-on the “Safe Sport” button. Complaints are submitted by email to complaints@sportcomplaints.ca

The complainant is to follow the ITP process for any matters they believe correspond with these concerns: maltreatment, sexual violence, harassment, abuse, or discrimination.

Any questions related to the initiation of the ITP can be directed to Michael Wilson, Director of Administration for KVMHA at willyreject@gmail.com.

For any issues or concerns that do not correlate with maltreatment, sexual violence, harassment, abuse, or discrimination will be deemed prior to an investigation as ‘alleged misconduct’. Determination as to whether the ‘alleged misconduct’ requires an investigation will be decided by the head coach and the Division Coordinator, and if needed, in consultation with the Director of Competitive Hockey for competitive league players and the Director of Recreational Hockey for recreational players.

A complainant who is alleging ‘misconduct’ should bring their concern to the head coach/manager first.  If the complainant is the coach or manager, their concern should be addressed directly to the Division Coordinator.  If the complainant is not satisfied that their concern was addressed appropriately by the head coach/manager, then they must complete the “KVMHA Complaint Intake Form” to document the complaint, available on Kennebecasis Valley Minor Hockey – Let's play hockey (kvmha.ca) and click-on “Complaint Intake Form”. The completed form is to be emailed to the appropriate Division Coordinator.  Division Coordinators are listed on the KVMHA website at Kennebecasis Valley Minor Hockey – Let's play hockey (kvmha.ca) and click on “About Us”.

If the issue still cannot be resolved, the concern can then be brought to the attention of the Vice-President. The Vice-President has the authority to create a Quorum composed of Board Members to review the complaint and determine consequences and/or resolutions, if necessary. If the complainant does not believe an appropriate resolution has been reached, they can appeal to the President of KVMHA.
Note: Team Officials and the Division Coordinator must have an opportunity to address the issue prior to escalation to the KVMHA board.

Any issue requiring escalation to the KVMHA board will require the following

  1. A completed KVMHA complaint intake form.
  2. A copy of any emails related to the issue
  3. Detailed steps taken by the team/coordinator to rectify the issue
  4. Contact emails/phone numbers
  5. Expected outcome/resolution
  6. Send the above via email to the Vice-President