SNBMHL Splits Meeting Results for Atom to Midget Teams

Splits 2019/20 Season 

Atom AA 

Lancaster Atom AA Thunder  
KVMHA Atom AA Hawks  
KVMHA Atom AA Sabres  
Saint John Atom AA Sea Dogs 
St. Stephen Atom AA Spartans 
Hampton Atom AA 


Atom A 

Sussex Atom A  
KVMHA Atom A Sabres  
RV Atom A Thunder  
KVMHA Atom A Hawks  



Atom C – Centennial 

SJY Atom C3 Drillons 
SJY Atom C2 Storm 
Lancaster Atom C3  
SJY Atom C1 Phantoms 
Hampton Atom C2 
Charlotte County Atom C1 
St. Stephen Atom C1 


Atom C – Memorial 

RV Atom C1  
KV Devils Atom C 
Hampton Atom C1 
KV Canadians Atom C 
Charlotte County Atom C2 
St. Stephen Atom C2 


Atom C – Atlantic 


Lancaster Atom C2 
KV Hurricanes Atom C 
KV Capitals Atom C 
Sussex Atom C1 
Sussex Atom C2 
Grand Manan Atom C 




Peewee AA 

Lancaster Peewee AA Thunder  
Saint John Peewee AA Sea Dogs 
KVMHA Peewee AA Hawks  
Sussex Peewee AA Rangers 
Hampton Peewee AA 


Peewee A 

KV Sabres Peewee A 
Charlotte County Peewee A Whalers 
St. Stephen Peewee A 
RV Peewee A Thunder 2 
Saint John Peewee A Sea Dogs 


Peewee C  Centennial 

KV Capitals Peewee C 
KVMHA Peewee C Red Wings 
KV Hurricanes Peewee C  
Grand Manan Peewee C 
KVMHA Peewee C Devils 
RV Peewee C1 Rock 


Peewee C  Memorial 

Hampton Peewee C1 
St. Stephen Peewee C1 Spartans 
Saint John Peewee C3 
KVMHA Peewee C Canadiens 
Lancaster Peewee C3 Lightning 


Peewee C  Atlantic 

Hampton Peewee C2 
Lancaster Peewee C2 Blues 
Sussex Peewee C1 
Saint John Peewee C1 
Saint John Peewee C2 Kings 
Charlotte County Peewee C 










Bantam Division 

Top 6 to provincials. 


DOC – Top team in each division gets a bye. 2nd/3rd do a crossover 


4 exhibition games – Only caveat Lancaster does not play RV. 


Bantam AA/A 

Saint John Bantam AA Flames 
RV Bantam Thunder 1 
KVMHA Bantam Hawks 


Bantam A/B 

Lancaster Bantam A Thunder  
Sussex Bantam Rangers 
Hampton Bantam 


Bantam B 

KVMHA Bantam Sabres 
Charlotte County Bantam 
Saint John Bantam B 


Bantam C – Centennial 

KVMHA Bantam Devils 
KVMHA Bantam Canadiens 
KVMHA Bantam Hurricanes 
KV Bantam C Senators 


Bantam C – Memorial 

Lancaster Bantam C2 Bombers 
KVMHA Bantam Capitals 
Hampton Bantam C1 
Saint John Youth Bantam C1 
RV Bantam C1 Attack 


Bantam C – Atlantic 

St. Stephen Bantam C 
Hampton C2 
Saint John Youth Bantam C2 
Charlotte County Bantam C 
Sussex Bantam C 
Sussex Midgets – Female 
KV Midget – Female 








Midget – Centennial 

Sussex C Midget 
Lancaster Midget C2 Trojans 
KVMHA Midget Canadiens 
Grand Manan Midget 
KVMHA Midget Senators  
KVMHA Midget Capitals 


Midget  Memorial 

Saint John Youth Midget C1 
Hampton Midget C 
KVMHA Midget Red Wings 
KVMHA Midget Devils 
Lancaster Midget C3 Knights 
KVMHA Midget Hurricanes 


Midget  Atlantic 

RV Midget C1 Predators 
Saint John Youth Midget C2 
Charlotte County Midget C 
St. Stephen Midget C 
RNS Midget C 
Saint John Youth Midget C3 

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