Welcome to U7

By now you should have been placed on a Teamsnap team.  Teamsnap will be your communication tool throughout the season.

You can add additional people to your TeamSnap account so any relatives that you want to invite can also see your season schedule.

Here are your first 2 ice times to get you started.



U7 Minor 1

Oct 8, 9:30am Qplex

Oct 9, 8:15am Qplex


U7 Minor 2

Oct 8, 5:15pm QMA

Oct 9, 7:00am Qplex


U7 Major 1

Oct 8, 7:00am Qplex

Oct 9, 8:45am Rothesay


U7 Major 2

Oct 8, 7:15am QMA

Oct 9, 9:30am Qplex