U13 Balancing Groups

This schedule is tentative, and can change.  Teamsnap groups may not be set up until Oct 2.

Goalies attend the Goalie Technical and their scrimmages.  Goalies do not attend the player technical (even though it will be in your teamsnap)

05-Oct QMA 8:15pm U13 Group AB Technical
06-Oct Qplex 5:15pm Goalie Technical
06-Oct QMA 8:30pm U13 Group CD Technical
07-Oct QMA 5:15pm U13 AvB Scrimmage
07-Oct QMA 6:30pm U13 CvD Scrimmage
08-Oct Qplex 3:45pm U13 AvC Scrimmage
08-Oct Qplex 4:45pm U13 BvD Scrimmage