2024 Community Hockey Registration - Now Full.
This will be a 6 session program, running from Feb 7 - March 18, 2024
Cost: $125.

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY....there are 2 really important steps to register. 

Every hockey player needs to have a Hockey Canada account. When you register your player for a Hockey Canada account they will get a Hockey Canada Number. This will be their number for their entire hockey career. If you move, your account will transfer to where you go.

Step 1 is to get your hockey canada account. Please fill out all the blanks and be sure to add your email and phone number. Hockey Canada asks a few questions as they track stats to learn more about new hockey players. Once you get the number...save it somewhere so you can access it. It is a big number that will start with 2024

Here is the link to get your hockey canada number. Please be patient....it can be a bit picky.


Once you have your number....you are ready to register. The cost is $125 for 6 weeks. If you child is interested in being a goalie.....please message me as we would need to figure out gear etc.

Our program is for kids aged 6-12.



Questions or challenges:

For hockey related questions please message lfletcher@rogers.com

If you have a problem to register for a hockey canada account or community hockey please contact our Registrar Christina at kvmharegistrar@gmail.com

2023-24 Season Registration is closed.  
~Option 1 - Returning KVMHA Players~
If you played with us last year, we are glad to have you back for another season. You will need to have your Hockey Canada ID to register and you will need to use the exact name you used in your Hockey Canada account. If you are a returning player to KVMHA, https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/387911
2023-24 Season Fees:
U7 $495
U9 $585
U11 $670
U13 $670
U15 $670
U18 $685
~Option 2 - Played for a different association last year~
If you played in a different minor hockey association last year, you will need to be transferred to KVMHA. To do this, email our registrar at kvmharegistrar@gmail.com and include:
  1. Your players first and last name (the exact name used on their hockey account
  2. Date of birth
  3. Hockey Canada number
  4. The association they played with last year
  5. The reason for your transfer.
  6. Once the transfer is complete you will receive an email to proceed, then you can register to play, by clicking this link https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/387911

~Option 3 - New to Hockey~

If you are new to hockey, Please click on this link to create your Hockey Canada ID number…..


This is free and will get you the Hockey Canada ID number you need. It is a long number that will start with 2022. Please complete all the required information.

Once you have done this, please click this link to register https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/387911


~Conditioning Camps and Tryouts - After registering, you can choose to sign up for conditioning camps or tryouts~
Registration is closed.
Schedule details can be found under the Conditioning Camps tab
Conditioning Camp Fees: $125 (Player), $125 (Goalie).
Try-out fees U11 & U13 - $90,      U15 & U18 - $120

*Note* If you played for a different association last season (ex: EDZA), you are able to register for KVMHA tryouts without registering for the KVMHA season and DO NOT need to transfer your account to KVMHA until the start of the season.  However, the full tryout fee must be paid prior to the first tryout.