U13 Coed Competitive (2021-2022)


U13  AA U13 A Team 1 U13 A Team 2
Ben Reardon Cameron Morrison Alistair MacKinnon
Bjorn Roelcke Charley Underhill Avery Dobbin
Brayden Washuck Connor Kierstead Carter Bizeau
Carson O'Toole Lauren Little Devon Robichaud
Clark McCarville Gabrielle Richard Evan Elliott
Colby Lomax Grayson Shanks Harrison George
Ethan Driscoll Ian Ward-Donelan Jack Mason
Isaac Bordage Jaxon Nelson Jaxon Hilchie
Jake Arbeau Katherine Dickie Henry Baker
Myles Doucet Kolby Dunlap Maggie Wright
Spencer MacLeod Owen Piercy Owen Kaye
Will Costello Samuel Rockwood Preston Brake
Will Henry Shane Thorne Reid Crilley
William Cole Sutter McQuaid Sophia Lace
Zachary Cochrane Will Romeo Thomas Fulerton
Basim Urterbia Evan Rowe Eric Somers



U13 A Team 1 & U13 A Team 2 - Balancing Game is scheduled for Saturday, October 2nd (5:30 pm - 6:30 pm) at the Qplex.  **UPDATED OCT. 2

Rosters for the A teams are NOT final and are subject to change after the balancing game.


U13 AA Team - Practice is scheduled for Sunday, October 3rd (7:15 am - 8:15 am) at QMA.